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MOD Staging and Design


Partial Staging
Staging in the Home/Area/Commercial Space Package 


Vacant Home Staging


During this complementary visit I will do a walk through with you or your agent and share the different staging options I offer. We'll then collaborate on which option will work best for your home or space. In usually 24-48 hour I can prepare an estimate and description of what the staging will entail.


For a Partial Staging-

I will do mainly vingettes, artwork and accessories. For this service I charge an hourly rate and 30 day inventory rental price. For example, if I am doing a partial staging on a small condo, I would use no large furniture pieces. I would most likely do a dining area, living room, and one bedroom vingette. I would also hang artwork and add accessories in the kitchen and bathrooms. This partial staging can be tailored to be a minimum of 2 hour and up depending on each clients indivdual needs.     


 After the bid the bid has been reviewed and excepted I will:  
  • Take Photos, Measurements, Notes

  • Prepare a formal contract

  • Secure a Staging Deposit (usually 1/2 the total bill)

  • Schedule a staging date

  •  Once the home has been prepped for staging, (professionally cleaned and de-cluttered) I can usually within a few days.


Staging Day


 The home or space must be clean and vaccant upon staging. 




Congradulations! Your property is sold! We can now schedule a day for me to de-stage. 


Pricing will include all the rental of all inventory, leasing of supplemental inventory and all staging and take down services. The leasing of supplemental inventory is  for 30 days. Additional leasing is avaiable and billed month to month.



  Examples of a Partial Staging










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