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MOD Staging and Design



About Me

Hello, My name is Megen Nachreiner and I am the proud owner of MOD Staging and Design. Whether I am re-finishing furniture, re-purposing a discarded cast off, staging a property, or designing an interior space, creativity, design, and beauty are what drives me. I love taking a space that lacks Personality, Design, and Intrest and MOD-ifying it into a Stop you in your Tracks space that the homeowner can be proud of. It is so exciting to bring out unique design elements that many might either miss or try to cover up. When I hear a client tell me, "I never would have thought my house could look like this, It's Amazing! I love it and know I've done my job well!

I have two fabulous daughters, Alexa 20 and Abigail 13, and an Amazing Hubby and Best Friend, Corey.  

The Nachreiner Family
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